If Injured in the UK can I make a No Win No Fee Claim?

Being injured or falling ill is no picnic regardless of how it has come about but this happening being in a foreign country when it was no fault of your own can make the injury or illness an elevated experience. It seems that the United Kingdom is the world biggest tourist destination. There was a massive 32 million visitors that came to the UK in 2013 and in the first six months of 2014 the UK saw its highest amount of tourists to date. An astonishing 16.4 million people came to the UK as tourists within the first half of the year 2014 an impressive increase of 8 per cent on the previous year at the same time. June 2014 alone saw a huge 3.18million tourists which resulted in a rise of 10 per cent from the previous June. There is no surprise that with so many people entering the UK that incidents and accidents happen were people are injured even on occasions through the fault of others.

Tourist with passport embassyofalbania.orgWith the UK being the most visited country by tourists it is not hard to see why it is so attractive to immigrants also. The amount of immigrants who migrated to the UK is 532,000 at the end of the summer in 2013 which is an increase on the previous year which saw 497,000. With so many people entering the country between visitors, tourist and immigrants it is not difficult to predict that such foreigners to the country may at some time injure, harm or become ill, it is only when such incidents that take place are not of their own fault but of the fault of others that people look for blame.

Often such blame leads on to compensation claims made by the people who are not citizens of the country. The article looks to examine how and if tourists to the country have the right to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim for injuries suffered through the fault of another and further more to look at the right of immigrants in the same respect looking closely at the country of Albania.

Can Immigrants from Albania Make a No Win No Fee Claim in the UK?

If an Albanian immigrant or a tourist from Albania visits the UK and they are unfortunate enough to be involved in some sort of accident then it may be possible for them to make a compensation claim if the accident was not their fault. If they are involved in a Road Traffic Accident that was caused by a third party and as a result they have been injured or they are have come to the UK to work and are injured through a work place accident that is the fault of their employer then making a claim for compensation may be straight forward.

It may also be an option for the case to be pursed using a No Win No Fee agreement meaning that as the claimant you will stay financially risk free. If you are an immigrant and need further legal advice on such matters a No Win No Fee Claim Solicitors should be contacted as they can offer free legal advice and a free consultation. Compensation claims can be pursued by the claimant but appointing a legal representative means that an expert is looking at your case probably a person who has seen many cases similar and has many years of experience.

Can Immigrants Make No Win No Fee Compensation Claims?

Law image embassyofalbania.orgAn immigrant is said to be a person who comes to live in a foreign country which they are not native to and want to become a citizen of in the future. Immigrants leave their native country for many different types of reasons some of the main being: economic, political dilemmas, family, wars, natural disasters, and better way of living but to name a few. There are almost 191 million people who have migrated to another country and as the population continues to rise it is estimated the people migrating will also continue to do so. With so many people moving around form country to country they are likely to suffer injury or illness in a country that is not native to them.

The big question however is if the immigrant is injured as the result of negligence from another can they purse a No Win No Fee compensation claim in a country that is not their native country? Each country will have its own set of laws and regulation but in the UK it is possible for immigrants to make compensation claims one of the main one being Accidents at work. Immigrants to this country may also be able to do this using a No Win No Fee agreement.

Can Tourists from Albania Make No Win No Fee Compensation Claims?

If a tourist visiting the UK from Albania is injured may be in a Road Traffic Accident that wasn’t their fault then they have a right to make a claim for compensation. It also may be possible for them to make that claim through a No Win No Fee agreement when using a UK based law firm. No Win No Fee allows people to make a claim knowing that they are not putting their financial status at risk. No Win No Fee agreements were introduced so that people who could not afford to pursue a claim for compensation could do so as the opposing legal law firm would pay their legal costs if the case was won and if it was lost then the costs would go unpaid. By choosing a No Win No Fee Claim Solicitors to represent your case then you are giving the case maximum chance of getting the best results as compensation solicitors are exceptionally trained in this area.

The law has slightly changed regarding No Win No Fee agreements from when it was first introduced due to the Medias claim of a compensation culture which critics to this subject strongly deny. If the claimant wins the case then they now have to pay their law firm up to 25 per cent of the compensation awarded however it remains the same if the case is lost not moneys at all is required from the claimant.