About Albania, Prime Facts You Need to Know If You plan to visit the Country

In official terms, Albania is known as the Republic of Albania.

Where Is Albania Located?

It is located in South Eastern Europe and is very close by to Montenegro, which is on one of its North Western borders. On the Eastern side, is Kosovo and on its North Eastern border lies The Republic of Macedonia, and on the South and South East is Greece. Their coastline is the Adriatic Sea on the west of the country, and to the Southwest is the Ionian Sea. In kilometres, it is only seventy-two from Italy, which is around 45 minutes away by sea! The Strait of Otranto links the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea, and Italy is a very popular destination for immigrants from Albania.

Are Albania Members Of The UN?

Yes, the country is a peaceful one, and they are members of the United Nations, The council of Europe, and The World Trade Organisation, along with the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. One of the founding members of the Energy Community was Albania, and they helped to found the Union for the Mediterranean as well. Currently they are an official candidate for joining the European Union, which is quite impressive for such a small country!

What Makes Albania Such A Great Travel Destination?

Today, what makes the country a great travel destination is the fact that the modern day territory around the country used to be prominent parts of the Roman era. It was in fact the modern republic that became independent after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and this all happened after the notorious Balkan wars. Albania was declared as independent back in 1912, but this was not recognised officially until 1913. They became a Principality a Republic and Kingdom too. This all lasted until the Italians invaded them in 1939. After the invasion the country became known as Greater Albania, and after that in 1943 they became a Nazi German protectorate, this happened in 1943. Then later, the next year (1944)Enver Hoxha led and founded a socialists republic and they also had a party of labour. It was not until 1991 that the Socialist Republic was dissolved and the Republic of Albania came around.

What Is The Capital Of Albania?

Their capital is Tirana and when a census was conducted back in 2011, 421.286 people lived inside the capital. This is a large figure given the fact that in the same year a census established that 3,020,209 people lived in the country. In the metropolitan area there are around 763,634 people living there. Currently they are a parliamentary republic.

The capital of Albania, Tirana is also the financial capital for the country. Many new investments can be seen there especially from foreigners and many of the investments are made in the energy and transport sectors. Albania also provides a public health care system and of course free education for secondary and primary school kids. They are classified as an upper middle-income country and their main port of income is the service sector, then it is the industrial sector, and thirdly they get their source of income from agriculture.

Key facts about the Albanian Embassy in Washington DC

Where is the Albanian Embassy in The US Located?

The embassy of the Republic of Albania is located on the fourth floor of 18th Street, number 1312 in Washington DC.

Who Is In Charge There?

The chief of mission for Albania in the embassy is Gilbert Galanxhi, he is the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

Does Albania Have Any Other Representations In The US Aside From The Embassy In Washington DC?


Yes, they have another 10 representations those are located in Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City, Houston, New York, New Orleans, Stamford and Pinehurst.


Does The US Have An Embassy in Albania?


Yes, it is located in Tirana


When was the Albanian Embassy in the US Founded? It was founded in 1650 and is still going strong. The Albanians have around 100 foreign consular abroad to help their people with overseas matters.

So, there you have it some key facts about Albania. The country is amazing and is definitely worth a visit to. The embassy in Washington DC also holds an open day each year and to find out more you should contact them. This would be a great event to attend for you to get an insight into Albania if you are in the US.