If Injured in the UK can I make a No Win No Fee Claim?

Being injured or falling ill is no picnic regardless of how it has come about but this happening being in a foreign country when it was no fault of your own can make the injury or illness an elevated experience. It seems that the United Kingdom is the world biggest tourist destination. There was a massive 32 million visitors that came to the UK in 2013 and in the first six months of 2014 the UK saw its highest amount of tourists to date. An astonishing 16.4 million people came to the UK as tourists within the first half of the year 2014 an impressive increase of 8 per cent on the previous year at the same time. June 2014 alone saw a huge 3.18million tourists which resulted in a rise of 10 per cent from the previous June. There is no surprise that with so many people entering the UK that incidents and accidents happen were people are injured even on occasions through the fault of others.

Tourist with passport embassyofalbania.orgWith the UK being the most visited country by tourists it is not hard to see why it is so attractive to immigrants also. The amount of immigrants who migrated to the UK is 532,000 at the end of the summer in 2013 which is an increase on the previous year which saw 497,000. With so many people entering the country between visitors, tourist and immigrants it is not difficult to predict that such foreigners to the country may at some time injure, harm or become ill, it is only when such incidents that take place are not of their own fault but of the fault of others that people look for blame.

Often such blame leads on to compensation claims made by the people who are not citizens of the country. The article looks to examine how and if tourists to the country have the right to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim for injuries suffered through the fault of another and further more to look at the right of immigrants in the same respect looking closely at the country of Albania.

Can Immigrants from Albania Make a No Win No Fee Claim in the UK?

If an Albanian immigrant or a tourist from Albania visits the UK and they are unfortunate enough to be involved in some sort of accident then it may be possible for them to make a compensation claim if the accident was not their fault. If they are involved in a Road Traffic Accident that was caused by a third party and as a result they have been injured or they are have come to the UK to work and are injured through a work place accident that is the fault of their employer then making a claim for compensation may be straight forward.

It may also be an option for the case to be pursed using a No Win No Fee agreement meaning that as the claimant you will stay financially risk free. If you are an immigrant and need further legal advice on such matters a No Win No Fee Claim Solicitors should be contacted as they can offer free legal advice and a free consultation. Compensation claims can be pursued by the claimant but appointing a legal representative means that an expert is looking at your case probably a person who has seen many cases similar and has many years of experience.

Can Immigrants Make No Win No Fee Compensation Claims?

Law image embassyofalbania.orgAn immigrant is said to be a person who comes to live in a foreign country which they are not native to and want to become a citizen of in the future. Immigrants leave their native country for many different types of reasons some of the main being: economic, political dilemmas, family, wars, natural disasters, and better way of living but to name a few. There are almost 191 million people who have migrated to another country and as the population continues to rise it is estimated the people migrating will also continue to do so. With so many people moving around form country to country they are likely to suffer injury or illness in a country that is not native to them.

The big question however is if the immigrant is injured as the result of negligence from another can they purse a No Win No Fee compensation claim in a country that is not their native country? Each country will have its own set of laws and regulation but in the UK it is possible for immigrants to make compensation claims one of the main one being Accidents at work. Immigrants to this country may also be able to do this using a No Win No Fee agreement.

Can Tourists from Albania Make No Win No Fee Compensation Claims?

If a tourist visiting the UK from Albania is injured may be in a Road Traffic Accident that wasn’t their fault then they have a right to make a claim for compensation. It also may be possible for them to make that claim through a No Win No Fee agreement when using a UK based law firm. No Win No Fee allows people to make a claim knowing that they are not putting their financial status at risk. No Win No Fee agreements were introduced so that people who could not afford to pursue a claim for compensation could do so as the opposing legal law firm would pay their legal costs if the case was won and if it was lost then the costs would go unpaid. By choosing a No Win No Fee Claim Solicitors to represent your case then you are giving the case maximum chance of getting the best results as compensation solicitors are exceptionally trained in this area.

The law has slightly changed regarding No Win No Fee agreements from when it was first introduced due to the Medias claim of a compensation culture which critics to this subject strongly deny. If the claimant wins the case then they now have to pay their law firm up to 25 per cent of the compensation awarded however it remains the same if the case is lost not moneys at all is required from the claimant.



Visa Entry to Albania

AlbaniaIf you are visiting Albania, you need to get a visa from an Albanian Diplomatic Mission. That is of course unless you come from one of the visa exempt countries or you qualify for a free visa entry under Albanian law. You do need a passport to enter the country, but some visitors are allowed to enter with only their id cards.

Which Countries Are Exempt From A Visa In Albania?

If you are from Andorra, The EU, Barbuda or Antigua, Armenia, Australia, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Brazil., Chile, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Holy See, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Paraguay, San Marino, Saints Kitts and Nevis, Seychelles, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, US, Uruguay, or Venezuela then you do not need a visa to enter the country. Seventy Six countries are exempt from needing country entry visa there. And the law is very relaxed for them. That is why the country is a great option for a last minute getaway.
Citizens from the above countries are allowed to stay for up to 90 days visa free, however if they decide to stay longer then a visa is required. Anyone from these countries can enter with only an ID card that is valid, so make sure that you do have your ID card when travelling to Albania.
Any one that holds a Schengen Visa is also allowed to enter the country for 90 days and if you are from a family that has Albanian ethnicity then you too do not need a visa. Albanian visa entry is very relaxed and beneficial for many countries making it the perfect last minute travel destination. Also the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait have just been added to the 90 day rule.
US Entry Visa- Again no visa is required for those from the US that need to enter into Albania for a 90-day period.

Marriage in Albania

If you get married in Albania then it is under the Albania jurisdiction and the Albanian government is involved. Foreign nationals of Albania are permitted to marry in a religious ceremony, or a civil ceremony, and this will be considered legal in Albanian law. There are currently no resident requirements for foreigners that wish to marry in Albania and you do not need residency to do so. You will need to submit some documents though.

What Documentation Will I need To Marry in Albania?

You will need an affidavit of eligibility to get married in the Republic of Albania.
If you are from the US then you will have to submit a freedom to marry certificate and this has to be issued by the US government. The US actually does not issue such documents so you will have to submit a document that states that you have taken an oath under US law. This is to declare that you have not previously married and it will have to be submitted to the embassy in Tirana. You will have to have this translated into Albanian, sometimes it is not sufficient to allow marriage under the government’s law though and you will have to get an affidavit that covers all the areas of the US. This is set to protect Albanians that want to get married out of their country and to other nationalities.

How Much Does A Marriage Application Cost In Albania?

It costs $50 to submit this documentation and you have to pay this directly to a cashier in the consular. You will also have to make an online appointment to do so in order to get this document in the first place.
You need to take a Birth Certificate
A Divorcee Decree or certificate (if married before)
A passport or ID card of your future wife or husband and a copy of their biographic page
In addition, when marrying in a city hall you have to have two witnesses that are not related to your spouse in blood or marriage. Your witnesses will have to be at the hall when you register the marriage and they are required to sign your certificate.
Marriage in Albania is not taken lightly and this is to protect their citizens from scams and the like. There used to be a surge of Albanians marrying from other countries in order to obtain visas so this strict law has been set up to ensure that anyone trying to play around with marriage is stopped dead in their tracks.
So, there you have it a lot of visa info for those wanting to visit Albania and of course, those that want to marry someone of Albanian ethnicity.

Washington DC Embassy

The Embassy row, part of Washington DC is used to refer to a part of the US city that is home to a plethora of foreign embassies. In fact the area is so populated with foreign embassies that it clearly showcases just how dedicated the US are when it comes to maintaining good public relations.

Where are the Embassies in Washington DC Located?

The embassies are all situated on Massachusetts Avenue, and they extend from DuPont Circle all the way down towards the National Cathedral area of Washington.

How Many Embassies Are Located in Washington DC?

Amazingly the Washington DC area sports an impressive 175 embassies all of different countries. There are residences, chanceries, and heaps of diplomatic missions there too. Around half of the embassies are situated on the embassy row however, there are around 12 situated in a group near Connecticut Avenue and there are four blocks full of them around the New Hampshire area of Washington DC that stretches just off DuPont Circle. There are so many that no matter where you come from in the world, you will always feel at home in Washington DC!

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is set up to be an official mission where countries can conduct business with another country where the embassy is located. Many foreign affairs concerning the host country and the country will take place there. Many of the embassies that can be found in Washington DC are not just embassies, they are also works of art because the buildings that they are located inside are very historic and are small mansions, because many of the houses there were former row houses. You will have heard the term Embassy Row a lot when people talk about this part of Washington DC, aside from being the place where embassies are situated, the area is also a known tourist attraction for foreigners that are site seeing in the US.

History of Embassy Row

Back in the late 11th century and the early twentieth centuries, embassy row on Massachusetts Avenue became famous for the number of mansions that were located in the area. It was the place where the countries social elites lived and the area that was between Sheridan Circle and Scott Circle became known as the Millionaires Row.

Why Did The Rich Move From The Area?

The great depression is behind the reason a lot of the rich vacated their homes, many were forced to sell their properties. Because of the high number of old, classy buildings that were left behind, the government decided that the historic buildings would be great to be used as embassies. Thus, Embassy Row was founded. Some of the buildings were used to open up lodges and social clubs too. The first new builds on the row were the Embassy of Japan which was built in 1931, and the British Embassy, which was built in 1928. Both of these buildings were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Between the 1930s and the 70s many of the mansions that were there were replaced by apartment buildings and offices.

Do The Buildings Open to The Public?

Yes, a lot of the embassies open to the general public once a year, usually this takes places in May. This move was called Passport DC and was started way back in 2007. It was an act that was extended too other countries embassies, by the cultural tourism group in Washington DC. Despite the program that has been set up the EU embassies, open up on a different day to the other buildings that are located there. There are also a lot of charity events that take place at the embassies, this was an idea that was introduced in 1994.

The Embassy Row area of Washington DC is a protected area that remains under the Massachusetts Avenue Historic District, which was founded back in 1974. This is because at one point there were a lot of rumors flying around about demolition of the buildings. Many of the buildings there are listed underneath the DDC Inventory of Historic Sites.

One thing for sure is that if you are travelling to Washington DC, you need to take time out in your schedule to make sure that you visit the area. It is well worth taking time out to and you will get some lovely pictures of the area too whilst travelling there. Washington DC is a great city and the embassy area helps to add to the cultural values to the country.

UK And Albania

The UK works very closely with Albania to support the law and the rules that are set in place so that Albania can meet the required guidelines to be able to join the EU. The UK work very closely with the authorities in Albania to be able to make sure that organised crime and illegal immigration is kept at an all-time low. This in turn helps to reduce the effect that this has on the UK with illegal immigration and organised crime rings.

Because of the location of Albania (right on the door step of Europe) if there was to be any type of conflict or insecurity then it would have a knock on effect to the UK and this would of course mean more migration and organised crime. The UK tries to reduce this and of course ensure that it will never happen! Currently the country is moving towards being a member of NATO and the EU. The UK government fully back and support this move and are supporting the engagements between Macedonia and Kosovo too. The government also works very closely to help to stop illegal immigration from Albania.

Alternatively, for UK residents that travel to the country the government provide a very thorough service for UK nationals that need consular assistance when in Albania. There are a number of steps that British nationals can do in order to ensure that when they travel to Albania they are safe, as with anywhere precautions have to be taken. You can find out what help is on offer should you face an issue by contacting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Up to date travel advice can be obtained for those travelling to the country by checking out the consular website. Any crisis that may occur in Albania would be aided by the UK and the government would work closely together with the correct authorities to help anyone that was affected. Each year a staggering 80,000 British people pay a visit to Albania. Most of the visits were trouble and risk free. Between 2011 and 2012 one person was arrested in the country, one person died, and one needed to go to hospital. Great statistics helping to prove that the country is peaceful and indeed safe to travel too!

The Albanian Embassy in the UK

The Albanian Embassy in the UK is run by Mr Mal Berisha, he is the current ambassador and represents the Republic of Albania to the UK. He is a career based diplomat whom sent letters of credence to HRH Queen Elizabeth the 2nd back in June in 2013.

Mr Berisha is also the Albanian Ambassador to Ireland, although he does not reside there. He also permanently represents the International Maritime Organisation and before he started his UK based role as ambassador, he served as the same position but in Istanbul, Turkey. He is very active in his role and joined the UN to participate with building democratic institutions inside Kosovo. He has written a lot of books about Albania and has been published in a lot of magazines. His immense knowledge about the country helps him to conduct his role as Ambassador and make sure that he represents the country in a peaceful and correct manner!

What Work Does The Albanian Embassy Do For Nationals In The UK?

The embassy are able to assist with loss and replacements of passports, any legal issues and political problems that Albanians may find themselves in, and generically speaking, any issue that an Albanian is faced with that sees them struggling. The embassy will be able to assist them with a plethora of issues, making sure that they get the correct help and support needed when abroad. Also, the embassy can offer UK nationals and any other nationals residing in the UK help on all things Albanian, should they have a family member there in trouble, or should they have any type of visa requirement to enter the country, the embassy will be able to offer advice and assist them with their requirements. Albania is a very peaceful country and the embassy maintains very good relations within the UK. The current serving ambassador is very dedicated to his work and this is showcased by the wonderful work that he is doing by being able to make sure that he also represents Albania in Ireland too. He has a difficult job role, and is not a stranger to sleepless nights and hard work!