UK And Albania

The UK works very closely with Albania to support the law and the rules that are set in place so that Albania can meet the required guidelines to be able to join the EU. The UK work very closely with the authorities in Albania to be able to make sure that organised crime and illegal immigration is kept at an all-time low. This in turn helps to reduce the effect that this has on the UK with illegal immigration and organised crime rings.

Because of the location of Albania (right on the door step of Europe) if there was to be any type of conflict or insecurity then it would have a knock on effect to the UK and this would of course mean more migration and organised crime. The UK tries to reduce this and of course ensure that it will never happen! Currently the country is moving towards being a member of NATO and the EU. The UK government fully back and support this move and are supporting the engagements between Macedonia and Kosovo too. The government also works very closely to help to stop illegal immigration from Albania.

Alternatively, for UK residents that travel to the country the government provide a very thorough service for UK nationals that need consular assistance when in Albania. There are a number of steps that British nationals can do in order to ensure that when they travel to Albania they are safe, as with anywhere precautions have to be taken. You can find out what help is on offer should you face an issue by contacting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Up to date travel advice can be obtained for those travelling to the country by checking out the consular website. Any crisis that may occur in Albania would be aided by the UK and the government would work closely together with the correct authorities to help anyone that was affected. Each year a staggering 80,000 British people pay a visit to Albania. Most of the visits were trouble and risk free. Between 2011 and 2012 one person was arrested in the country, one person died, and one needed to go to hospital. Great statistics helping to prove that the country is peaceful and indeed safe to travel too!

The Albanian Embassy in the UK

The Albanian Embassy in the UK is run by Mr Mal Berisha, he is the current ambassador and represents the Republic of Albania to the UK. He is a career based diplomat whom sent letters of credence to HRH Queen Elizabeth the 2nd back in June in 2013.

Mr Berisha is also the Albanian Ambassador to Ireland, although he does not reside there. He also permanently represents the International Maritime Organisation and before he started his UK based role as ambassador, he served as the same position but in Istanbul, Turkey. He is very active in his role and joined the UN to participate with building democratic institutions inside Kosovo. He has written a lot of books about Albania and has been published in a lot of magazines. His immense knowledge about the country helps him to conduct his role as Ambassador and make sure that he represents the country in a peaceful and correct manner!

What Work Does The Albanian Embassy Do For Nationals In The UK?

The embassy are able to assist with loss and replacements of passports, any legal issues and political problems that Albanians may find themselves in, and generically speaking, any issue that an Albanian is faced with that sees them struggling. The embassy will be able to assist them with a plethora of issues, making sure that they get the correct help and support needed when abroad. Also, the embassy can offer UK nationals and any other nationals residing in the UK help on all things Albanian, should they have a family member there in trouble, or should they have any type of visa requirement to enter the country, the embassy will be able to offer advice and assist them with their requirements. Albania is a very peaceful country and the embassy maintains very good relations within the UK. The current serving ambassador is very dedicated to his work and this is showcased by the wonderful work that he is doing by being able to make sure that he also represents Albania in Ireland too. He has a difficult job role, and is not a stranger to sleepless nights and hard work!