Foreign Relations of Albania

Since Albania gained their independence the country have managed to maintain very good relations and are friendly with all countries. They are a member of over forty-eight international organisations and those include the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, The United Nations, The Council of Europe, The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the International Monetary Fund, The World Trade Organisation, La Francophone, and The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

What are the main objectives of Albanian foreign policies?

They are as follows:

To be able to help Albanians in Macedonia, Montenegro, Southern Serbia, Greece, and Italy. To be able to ensure that the accession of Albania continues to grown and they eventually join the EU.

They aim to make sure that there is international recognition of Kosovo, and they aim to be able to help the Albanian Diaspora.

These main factors all define the Albanian foreign policies and they are all made up and consist of geopolitical locations, economic crisis, ties with the Albanian Diaspora in the world and of course population. Albania have made sure to concentrate on making sure that good relations are kept with their neighbours, in the Balkans, and also to ensure that their citizens are able to gain access to all European Atlantic Security Institutions. They also have a key focus in making sure that they have very close ties with the US.

Back in 2011, the country signed a pact with the country of Italy to make sure that they have corporal foreign strategy. The government is very worried about making sure that developments are met in Kosovo and although this region is claimed by the Serbian government Albania did recognise their declaration of independence in 2008. This happened on the 18th of Feb. When the Albanian communist regime fell in 91, the relations that the country had with Greece were very tense. This is because of the allegations that the authorities in the country had mistreated those of Greek decent in the South of Albania. Then, afterwards there was a wave of illegal immigrants from Albania to Greece and this made a crisis that reached its peak in 94. The courts in Albania put to prisons ix members of the Greek party Omnia because they undermined the Albanian state. In response to this Greece froze all the EU aid to the country and made sure that they sealed the border that they had with Albania. This happened in 94. Later when matters were talked about they unfroze the aid to Albania and Albania let out 2 of the prisoners and reduced the other prisoners sentences as well. Nowadays there are still issues that are not addressed between the two countries; most of these are to do with workers that have no papers in Greece, despite being promised legal documents. Since then the countries have signed an International treaty of peace and the issues with workers were addressed, this was in 96.

Because the government has good relations with parliaments the 2 counties are now cordial and Greece have in fact began to support the Euro Atlantic integration of Albania.

When Did Albania Enter NATO?

Albania entered NATO in 2009.

Tirana has very good relation with The Republic of Macedonia too, they have had a few issues with Albanians there but they have always encouraged to maintain a good relationship with the government there.

In the 1990s when the country had fallen to communism, there was a lot of illegal immigration to ports in Italy, and Albanians fled. Because of the large numbers of Albanians that entered into Italian territory without papers and documentation, it put a strain on the countries relations with Albania. Italy found themselves on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. At one point, it was alleged that an Italian Coastguard ship actually rammed into a ship from Albania and sank it, killing 75 of the 120-130 people on board. This happened in 1997, but after that, the two countries started working together again and pulled the plug on illegal immigration. They have since aided Albania with cash to help get their economy back on track.

Countries with Diplomatic Relations with Albania

They have relationships with 113 countries overseas and have good relations with all of them. If they are listed in this document there is way too many, but you can see the full list here. So, there you have it important information about Albania that will help to educate you and give you a better insight into the country.