Tourism in Albania

There is a lot of tourism in Albania. Many of the tourists that visit the country go there in order to see heritage that is left over in the country from Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Illyrian times. The country is full of beautiful beaches, mountains, and the food there is remarkable. There are also a lot of cold war artefacts that can be seen and Albanians are known for their unique traditions and great hospitality. The countryside of Albania is unique and offers a very peculiar vibe to those visiting. Albania was ranked number four in a list of fifty-two countries that the New York Times recommended people to visit. The country is still a little under developed, but this just adds to the beauty of the area and they have recently celebrated a century of being independent.

Lonely Plant also ranked Albania as being the first destination that you should visit back in 2011. There are heaps of articles published about Albania that are all directing travellers in the direction of the country! It has been referred to by travel writers as Europe’s last Secret, A New Mediterranean Love, and more recently people have referred to the country as Go Your Own Way!

Who Travels There?

Most of the tourism that the country sees is from neighbouring countries like Italy, Kosovo, and Greece. Many of the tourists come from Eastern European and Central European countries, now though, there is a lot more interest from the West and people from the UK, Netherlands, France and Belgium and the like seem to flock there in order to visit the country and see for themselves what so many others have referred to as amazing! There are many travel options for those visiting and many stay in hostels, hotels, and even campsites when in Albania!

Does Albania Have A Train Travel System?

Yes, in the country, there is a network of railways that link around and help tourists to be able to travel on their own accord! It is a great way to add a good vibe to your visit to Albania and you will get a more authentic look at the country when going on their trains.

Can You Cycle There?

Yes lots of tourists decide to take their bikes and a tent and do a cycling tour around the country. There are also a lot of tourism offices opening up around the country now and you can also rent cars and hire tour guides.

I Heard That Albania Is Good For Dental Work- Is This True?

Yes, because the cost of dentistry in Albania is a lot lower than surrounding countries many people have travelled there to have work done on their teeth.

Ministry of tourism in Albania

The official site for the ministry of tourism in Albania can be foundhere.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Albania

The Archaeological museum in Albania- This is a popular destination because it displays a lot of well-preserved buildings from the Ottoman era in the country. It is built around a cobble stone courtyard and many people decide to make this are one of their first ports of call when it comes to tourist destinations in the country of Albania. There is also around one thousand two hundred objects that are housed in the museum from Roman, Hellenic and Post Byzantines. They all date from around BCE 6000, and CE 600. There are also unique Roman graves there and of course beautiful mosaic tiles.

Are There Any UNESCO Sites In Albania?

Yes, there are three main ones, Butrinti, Berati and Gjirokastra 

Butrinti-Was declared as a protected site in 1948. It was not until 1992 that it was registered by UNESCO though. It used to be an ancient city in the V11 century and there are a lot of sites that remain untouched and well preserved today. There is a lovely fortress and a gate there, along with a 1500 seat theatre!


Gjirokastra-Is known as the city of stone, it was declared by UNESCO in 2005 and that is because of the archeology that is there.


Berati- Again it was in 2005 that this was declared a UNESCO site and it is a lovely city where you can find many Illyrian traces. It is simply packed full of engravings, paintings and iconic décor and buildings. It is like stepping back into time when you visit Berati.


So there you have it some great reasons why you should visit Albania!